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Date: 2018-01-08 14:16

The couple’s engagement was announced on May 6 of this year. The wedding will be in London—a low-key affair (as these things go) with just a few friends and family members present.

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I think Radical Feminists should ask the same question Johny Rotten asked the audience at the final Sex Pistols gig!! You 8767 re being played girls by big moneymen with very big plans and a long term world-view!!

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Lisa, I love this I was thinking the same exact thing. Men do change and usually for the worse because they don 8767 t feel they have to put any more effort once they get the girl. When women ask for attention, or request maybe taking care of their appearance, like they want us to, men get angry and say that women are complaining or crazy or whatever. Then after she asks for so long, and he doesn 8767 t follow through, she leaves.

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Him:you (he might say someone else or u and someone else but look in their eyes to see if they sparkle or suddenly change shade or see if they r blushing or playing with something) who is your crush?

Over the last couple years we saw a movie alone, did other one on one activities and in my opinion flirting with each other.

It is also helpful to remember that when a man says traditional, you don 8767 t need to freak out because he 8767 s not advocating taking away your vote, take away your job, or take away your independence, or try o be your boss. What he is really looking for is a woman that acts feminine. That does not require you to give up the vote, career, independence or anything else.

The one thing that has always thrown me off is the fact that I need to start the conversations most of the time with him. We have some things in common- movies and music taste, same opinion of morals and we are both loyal people.

I know it can be done but I think that that window is gone. With Instagram and all else, digitalized pics it seems that some men are more into porn that real women.  The way women respond to this is to have boob jobs even when elderly so they can get a man.  I don 8767 t know if it 8767 s worth all that trouble.

to add on today he walked with us and started off with 8775 how r u? 8776 and victoria told him but i said nothing. he smiled at her and turned towards me and asked again. later on my cousin said she felt awkward walking with us cuz she said we kept talking to eachother and barely talked to her and is saying we are perfect. i like this guy so much since he, as i mentioned, is funny. we talked about everything from being tired to all the singers we hate (ADELE)

After this event, we worked much more closely with each other on special projects, and I grew to respect him for his capabilities and found him more attractive by day despite having some work conflicts with him sometimes.

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